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2014-15 Nature's Sports Drink Grant

Your high school athletes could be the next Michigan Chocolate Milk Mustache Celebrities! Information on the grant and the application are now available.

2015 Annual Meeting

UDIM invites our Dairy Producers to the Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 26th at the Eagle Eye Banquet Center in Bath, Michigan.

Mouthwatering Cheese Pairings

Cheese: One of life’s simplest, most delicious culinary pleasures. Learn more about the Mouthwatering Cheese Pairings Guide.




The Fuel Up to Play 60 program empowers youth to take action to improve nutrition and physical activity at their school and for their own health. Learn more.

Learn more about the hard-working dairy farm families of Michigan who produce the milk that helps drive our local economy. Learn more.

Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt deliver a unique nutrient package of nine essential nutrients important for good health. Enjoy dairy foods as part of a healthy diet! Learn more.


Latest UDIM News

“Pour It Forward” will run November 5 through December 16 in all 124 Michigan Kroger stores. Kroger and UDIM will contribute a minimum of one gallon of milk to local food banks for every paper gallon purchased.

Students at Moorsbridge Elementary School are getting in their 60 minutes of physical activity each day through the love of play!

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